Most students now look upon higher education principally as training for a particular kind of job, and it is the hope of well- paid, interesting work, together with a superior social status. Governments also tend to see higher education as a course of training for future workers. This is particularly true of developing countries, where there is  an urgent need for specialists of all kinds and governments expect a direct return  for the money  they have invested in education. The goal of higher education has become the acquisition of a highly specialized expertise which  can be put  to practical use in  a career.
A university course, in whatever subject, is seen as a basic requirement for many professions. Some institutions prepare students from the start for one specific type of example, teacher training –colleges or shools of medicine or agriculture.At the same time the traditional seclusion of the scholarly community has been disrupted.
Nevertheless, many peple think that in focusing upon expertise rather than upon wisdom, modern education is missing out what is of most value. It is still vital that from higher education students should above all acquire wisdom that is sense of responsibility for the application of their knowledge, an understanding of how their work is related to other areas of life, and a sense of values in their own lives.
: keeping a part
: separated by a force
Simple Present Tense digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu kebiasaan, sedangkan Present Continuous Tense digunkan untuk menunjukkan suatu perbuatan yang terjadi ketika sedang dibicarakan.
Contoh :
I read the newspaper every day
I am studying English now.
Simple Past  Tense digunakan jika ketika terjadi peristiwa waktunya diketahui/disebutkan, sedangkan Present Perfect Tense jika waktu tidak diketahui/ tidak disebutkan
Contoh :
I wrote my exercise last night
I have written my exercise.
Suatu kebiasaan di masa lampau dapat diungkapkan dengan  Simple Past Tense atau dengan “used to “
Contoh :
I went (I used to go) to the cinema every week last year.
Catatan :
Past Continuous Tense (I was going) tidak digunakan untuk kebiasaan di masa lampau, tetapi untuk perbuatan yang sedang dilakukan di masa lampau dan ada kejadian lain yang bersamaan terjadinya. Dalam hal ini peristiwa yang lebih lama berlangsungnya menggunakan bentuk  Past Continuous Tense , sedangkan kejadian lain yang lebih pendek waktunya dengan menggunakan Past Tense
Contoh: I was going to the cinema when I met him.
Jika suatu pekerjaan telah dimulai di masa lampau dan kini masih dilakukan atau berlangsung , maka Present Perfect kita gunakan
Contoh :
I have been in this class for one hour
Hati-hati; jangan menggunakan Future Tense dalam kalimat syarat atau keterangan waktu , jika kata kerja dalam kalimat utama dalam  Future Tense , tetapi gunakanlah present tense.
Contoh :
I shall visit Curugsewu Waterfall when I go (if I go) to Kendal.
Work in a group of  four or five . Make a survey of how the students in your group react to the role of higher education in our society by using the given questionaire.
Fill in the results of survey on the given sheet. Put total as well as percentages.

Do you like your school?
Do you like the subjects taugt in your shool?
Do you like your school environtment?
Do you like the way  your teacher teach the class?
Does your school provide you with what you want to learn?
Do you get knowledges and skills needed for future career?

After failing to persuade the Texas Education Agency and the state Board of Education to order classroom air conditioning, the man took their case to federal court, arguing that the district is violating a law that requires handicapped children be educated in the “least restrictive environment”
Raul testified that he decided to build the box instead of air conditioning the room for fear of jealousy among other parents and teachers. Raul said he turned down a woman from that country who offered to pay for air conditioning because that would have been “discrimination.”
Raul testified that he decided to build the box.
A.    bentuk : Subyek + kt Kerja bentuk ke dua
Contoh  He worked
                They worked
-Kalimat negatip dibentuk dengan menambahkan  “did not “ sebelum kata kerjanya  dan bentuk kata kerjanya menjadi infinitive tanpa to
Contoh : He worked        menjadi        He did not work
-          Kalimat tanya  dibentuk dengan meletakkan ‘ did ‘ di depan kalimat .(jadi semua dengan did tanpa membedakan subyeknya)
-          Contoh : He worked   menjadi    Did he work  ?
                     They worked menjadi    Did they work ?
                     (bukan   Did he worked atau Did he works)
-‘Dis not’ dalam kalimat negatip atau kalimat tanya negatip biasanya disingkat  “didn’t
Contoh : I didn’t work      atau Didn’t I work?
B. Penggunaan Simple Past Tense
-          Bila dalam kalimat tanya ditentukan/disertakan keterangan waktunya
Contoh : I met him yesterday
-          Bila menanyakan waktu kejadian itu / kapan berlangsungnya.

         Contoh : When did you meet him ? ) catatan : to meet –met-met
-          Untuk suatu perbuatan yang berlangsung pada saat yang sudah diketahui walaupun keterangan waktunya tidak disertakan.
Contoh : The Taxi was 10 minutes late
                I bought this car in Semarang.
-Digunakan untuk kebiasaan di masa lampau .
  Contoh ; He always drank wine (sekarang sudah tak pernah mabuk)
                  She  smoked  sigarrette (sekarang sudah tak merokok lagi)
-Digunakan untuk percakapan atau tanya jawab setelah present perfect tense digunakan
   Contoh ;                    Did you enjoy it ? Yes, I enjoyed it.
-          Digunakan dalam kalimat syarat setelah : as if, as though, it is time, if only, wish, would sooner
Contoh : If it is rained for six months (hal yang tak akan terjadi)
               I wish I knew
1.      Is you classroom air-conditioned?
2.      Is there anyone in your classroom who is handicapped?
3.      What is your opinion about education ? put a tick (V) in the appropriate blanks.

a. Education is for all

b. People should not pay for their education.

c. Budget for education must be increaded

 SA = strongly agree
A = Agree
NS = Not Sure
D = Disagree
SD = Strongly Disagee
Listening the music, particularly classics, can help you to live longer according to researcher, Mr. Fadhlan.. He believes that music lovers suffer less from stress and high blood presure than people who do not enjoy music. As a part of three-year study he brought groups of people together to listen to music. He found that their blood pressure was much lower when they were listening to classical music than when they were left to talk to each other.
Mr. Fadhlan, a researcher at the nusic college of Lowa University, does not enjoy classical music himself. But he said yesterday : “ I am seriously thinking  of appreciating classical more, “

They were listening to classical music
a.       bentuk : Subyek + was/were + ing form
Contoh  He  was working
                They rere working
                They were listening to classic music
b.      Penggunaan Past Continuous Tense.
-Untuk suatu kejadian yang berlangsungnya bertahap.
Contoh : It was getting darker.
               The wind was rising.
-          Untuk suatu perbuatan yang sudah dimulai di masa lampau.dan masih akan dilanjutkan setelah itu.
-          Contoh : At 8.00 he was having breakfast (berarti bahwa untuk            melakukan makan pagi memerlukan periode waktu,)
-          Bila terdapat bagian kalimat dalam bentuk past tense . tapi dengan syarat Past continuous tense tersebut untuk kejadian yang berlangsungnya lebih lama..
-          Contoh : When I arrived, Tom was talking on the telephon.
-          Digunakan dalam diskripsi suatu karangan. Tetapi apabila karangan tersebut dalam bentuk narasi, dengan waktu, maka Past aaaaaaatense harus diguanakan.
-          Contoh : A girl was playing the piano  and (was) singing softly to herself.
-          Digunakan dalam percakapan tak langsung dalam bentuk ampau.
Contoh : He says : “I am living in London (direct speech)
                He said that he was living in London (indirect speech)
-Digunakan untuk kebiasaan di masa lampau yang menjengkelkan atau membuat kacau. . biasanya menggunakan “always”
  Contoh ; He was always ringing me up
                  -Digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu peristiwa atau perbuatan yang terjadinya secara kebetulan ,
   Contoh;                    I was talking to Tom the other day.
.-Digunakan untuk menghaluskan suatu pertanyaan.
Contoh: What were you doing before you come here?
               Home Work :
Write down an Indonesian song and translate it into English or from English song to Indonesian.
MATERI    4:                 OUR STRANGE LANGUAGE
I think you already know
A mouth is not a mud in mother.
Nor both in bother or in brother.
And here is not a match for there
Nor dear and fear for bear .
And there is a rose and lose.
Just look them up –and goose  and choose,
And fork and work and card  and car
And from and front and word and sword
Come ,come , I have hardly made a start
A strange language
Man  alive
I had mastered it when I was five.


I have hardly made a start
a.       Bentuk : Subyek + have/has + past paarticiple.
Contoh  He  has worked
                They have worked
                You have worked
b.      Penyingkatan: Have / has not dapat diringkas penulisannya .
-Contoh : She has not worked menjadi : She hasn’t worked
c.       Penggunaan :
-          Untuk perbuatan yang baru saja selesai .
Contoh : He has just gone out,
           -   Untuk suatu perbuatan lampau yang waktunya tak ditentukan atau diketahui berlangsungnya.
       Contoh : I have read the instruction but I don’t understand them.
-          Untuk suatu perbuatan yang sudah dilakukan dan dapat terjadi lagi di masa mendatang.
Contoh : I have seen wolves in that forest ( lain kali mungkin masih akan bertemu dengan serigala lagi di hutan itu)
Tetapi : I used to see wolves here (berarti dulu saya bisa melihat serigala tetapi sekarang tidak melihat lagi).
-          Digunakan bersama dengan lately, recently, y et.
Contoh : He has not finished yet.
Catatan : Dapat pula menggunakan periode waktu seperti : to day, this week, this month, this year, tetapi dengan syarat waktunya  yang tepat tida/ belum diketahui. Bila waktu kejadian sudah diketahui maka yang digunkan adalah past tense.
Sedangkan untuk keterangan waktu this morning  hanya sampai jam 13,00  dan untuk this afternoon sampai jam  17.00. Apabila melebihi waktu tersebut berarti tonight dan harus menggunakan past tense.
Contoh : Have you seen him today ( jam nya tak jelas)
                He went back to work this morning.
-          Untuk suatu perbuatan yang sudah berl;angsung sejak dulu dan kejadiannya berakhir pada waktu dibicarakan.
Contoh : (Ketika sedang menyapu dia berkata ): This room has not been cleaned for months.
         Digunakan untuk kalimat yang menggunakan keterangan waktu  ‘ for ‘ dan ‘since’.
                   Contoh : We have lived in Kendal for ten years (dan sekarang          
                                   masih tinggal di Kendal).
                                  Catatan ; Untuk kata ‘since ‘ tidak digunakan’ the’ sesudahnya  dan untuk’ for’ digunakan’ the’ sesudahnya . Jadi yang ada ‘since last week’ dan’ for the last week’.
-          Digunakan dalam bahasa surat menyurat, surat kabar dan radio dengan catatan :
-          Dalam surat menyurat semua kalimaty dalam bentuk Presnt Perfect Tense .
Contoh :  I am sory I haven’t written for such a lng time , but I have been very busy  lately as my partner has been away…..
-      Dalam surat kabar atau radio hanya pada kalimat        pertama  saja untuk selanjutnya Past Tense yang digunakan.
Contoh : Thirty thousand pounds worth of jewellery has been stolen from Jonathan Wild and Company. The thieves broke into the flat above some time during Sunday night.
HOME WORK : WRITE DOWN A POEM IN ENGLISH   8 SENTENCES MINIMALY. ( you can make by your self or take from a magazine etc)

MATERI      5:      A LETTER

                                                             Kendal, November 25, 2005
Dear Tom,
Thanks for your letter. It is good to hear from you and your family agin. We are all fine here in Kendal. I heard that it is pretty cold now in London. You asked me how to make angklung.So I am going to give you interesting information. This is how to make it.
First of all, you have to find a good piece of bamboo. Thend cut it into small pieces. The next step is to make bamboo smoth, and then give a hole at the end of the bamboo.After that arranges them in a unity. Finally give colour for making good appearance.
The whole process takes several days.
Well, I hope my explanation is clear enough for you. Will you make one? Tom, I would have to finish my letter now because I want to mail it today. And my sister who will mail it is ready to go!
                                                              Bye and best regards to all!



Bentuk  “ going to” digunakan dala perbuatan yang akan datang yakni :
-          Untuk suatu perbuatan yang sudah direncanakan dan persiapan-persiapannya telah dibuat.
-          Contoh :
-          I am going to meet Tom at the station at 6.oo
-          Jika kita hendak menekankan kehendak subyeknya, maka digunakan bagian kalimat penunjuk waktu .
-          Contoh :
-          He is going to be a dentist when he grows up.
Dapat digunakan tanpa keterangan waktu :
Contoh :
So I am going to give you an interesting information .
-          Tak dapat digunakan dengan kata kerja “go” atau “come”
Contoh :
Bukan : I am going to go.    Tetapi : I am going
Bukan : I am going to come .Tetapi : I am coming
-          Untuk menunjukkan perasaan pembicara akan kepastian datangnya suatu peristiwa.
-          Contoh :
That boy is going to be sick: he looks quite green.
It is going to rain: look at tyhose clouds.
Complete these pharagraph by choosing  the appropiate sentence /word  bellow.

                                                                    Kendal, November 25, 2005
Dear Tom,
Thanks for your letter. It is ……..again. We are all fine here in Kendal. I heard that it is pretty cold now in London. You asked me how to make angklung.So…………... This is how to make it.
First of all,…………………. Thend ,cut it into small pieces. The next step is to make bamboo smoth, and then give a hole at the end of the bamboo.After that arrange them in a unity. Finally give colour for making good appearance.
The whole…………………...
Well, I hope …………………for you. Will you make one? Tom, I would have to finish my letter now because I want to mail it today. And my sister who will mail it is ready to go!
                                                              Bye and best regards to all!


- I am going to give you an interesting information
- you have to find a good piece of bamboo
- good to hear from you and your family
- my explanation is clear enough
- process takes several days

Friday, 26 th JULY 2005 from 7 pm.

In celebration of Kendal’s anniversary this year. Hotel Berlian will hold a special evening at the poolside offering a popular Indonesian dishes in a market atmosphere. All you can eat  for  Rp. 50.000
Come in traditional consume
Entertainment : Traditional dance

Limited space CALL NOW for reservation on 0294 382811
Jln, Pahlawan Gang Srikaya no  11 Kebondalem

1.      Kampung night will be held at ………
2.      The event will start at …………
3.      It is to celebrate……………..
4.      You can  eat everything if you pay ……..
5.      You will be entertained by ……………
6.      Hotel Berlian is situated on ………….
7.      For reservation we can call on
8.      You have to make a reservation call immediately because there is …………… space.
Friday, 25 th  Ags 2005 from 7 pm.
1, Cardinal numbers
Contoh :
1 = one    2= two   3- three       4 = four  etc
ke I = the first    ke 2 = the second    ke 3 = the third    ke 4 – the fourth       ke 5  =  the fifth    etc
2. Fraction (Bilangan pecahan)
Contoh :
             =     a half
              =  a (one) third
             =    a (one ) quarter
4.      Decimal (bilangan desimal)
Contoh :
2,5 ditulis 2.5     = two point five
3,14 ditulis 3.14   = three point fourteen
15,88  ditulis 15.88 = fifteen point eighty-eight
5.      Addition (penjumlahan)
Contoh :
4=6    = 10        four plus  six is (equals)ten
18 = 26    = 44   eighteen plus twenty- six is fourty-four
6.      Substraction (pengurangan)
Contoh :
17-8      = 15      seventeen minus eight is fifteen
126- 25 = 101    one hundred and twenty six minus twenty five is one hundred and one
7        Multiplication (perkalian)
Contoh :
 12X9     = 108    twelve times nine is one hundret and eight
41X20     = 820    forty one times twenty is eight hundred and twenty.
7.      Division (pembagian)
Contoh  :
26 ; 2   = 13     twenty six divided by two is thirteen
100 ; 2 = 25  one hundred divided by four is twenty five.
8.      Root (akar )
Contoh :
      9    = 3     the root of nine is three
      400  = the root of four hundred is twenty
HOME WORK ; Write down in numeric English.
  1. 28
  2. ke- 101
  3. 109.75
  4. 205+69  = 274

I have an unforgettable experience that heppened about two years ago. One day I went for a walk to enjoy the morning fresh weather after I had some house work. Then I decided to go to market. When I just came to a fruit –seller for some apples, I I heard a noisese. I saw a boy running toward me and suddently threw a purse to me. He did not say anything and left away quickly. Before I knew wahat really happened, a woman came to me. She was in a hurry and she looked at the purse on my hand. Just like a thunder, she hit me on the head while accusing me of stealing her purse. The good-for- nothing  purse was a convincing  proof.
Bad luck  = nasib malang

Nervous= gemetar

Fruit-seller = penjual buah


Purse = dompet

All of a sudden = serta merta

Thunder = guntur, guruh

Unlucky= tak menguntungkan

Accusing  = mendakwa

Arose = bangkit

Good for nothing = brengsek

Detected= mengetahui

Convincing= meyakinkan

Being detected= ketahuan

Proof = bukti

Fault = kekhilafan


Apologized= minta maaf

Even = bahkan

Proverb= peribahasa

Shouted= berteriak

It’s no use crying over spilt milk = nasi telah menjadi bubur.

Attacted – menarik perhatian

A FEW ; berarti sedikit atau beberapa, few berarti lebih sedikit dari pada a few, biasanya didahului oleh kata ‘ a few’ (hanya). Kedua kata ini dipakai untuk kata-kata benda yang dapat dihitung.
Contoh : There are a few students in classroom
                 = ada beberapa (sedikit) siswa di kelas.
                There are only few students in the classroom
                = hanya ada sedikit siswa di kelas.
A LITTLE: artinya sedikit, untuk kata benda yang tak dapat dihitung  (barang cair, bahan dsb) ; little dengan kata benda  yang tak dapat dihitung berarti lebih sedikit  dari pada a little.
Contoh :
Mother bought a little coffee
ALTHOUGH adalah kata sambung  (konjungsi) yang berarti meskipun . Kata ini dalam suatu kalimat  tidak boleh diikuti dengan but
Contoh : Although it rained , they worked in the rice field
              Atau : It rained , but  they they worked in the rice field
              (meskipun hujan mereka bekerja di sawah)
BESIDE artinya di samping atau di sni ( = next to) sedangkan besides  (ada huruf s dibelakangnya) berarti selain
                Contoh : Rudi likes to sit beside Irwan
                               Besides reading I also like singing
IN SPITE OF  artinya meskipun  (sama dengan despite) harus diikuti kata benda atau frasa benda.
Contoh : In spite of her richness, she was not arrogant (meskipun kaya ia tidak  sewenang-wenang)
               Instead of writing an essay, Irma wrote a letter (Yang mestinya menulis karangan, Irma menulis surat)
HOME WORK : Rewrite these sentences depend on the text (arrange again)  try not to look at the text.              
1. One day I went for a walk to enjoy the morning fresh weather  after I had some house work
2. When I just came to a fruit –seller for some apples, I heard a noisese. I saw a boy running toward me and suddently threw a purse to me
3. He did not say anything and left away quickly. Before I knew wahat really happened, a woman came to me
4. She was in a hurry  and she looked at the purse on my hand. Just like a thunder, she hit me on the head while accusing me of stealing her  purse
5. I have an unforgettable experience that heppened about two years ago
6. Then I decided to go to market
7. The good-for- nothing  purse was a convincing  proof

MATERI        8      : BOOKS OF ALLAH

Allah sent prophets and messengers to show us the  right path. God, the Kind and Loving Creator, also sent books for guidence. He sent them to His messengers. These books are called the Books of Allah. Allah sent the books through the angel Gabriel. Books of guidence sent by Allah are also called books of revelation. Revelation is wahyu in Arabic. There are four books of Allah mentioned in the Qur’an. They are the Tawrah, Zabur,Injil and the Qur’an. Tawrah was sent to the prophet Moses, Zabur  (Psalms) was sent to the prophet Davit and the Injil or Gospel to the prophet Jesus. The last book of Allah  and the most comprehensive  was sent down to the last prophet Muhammad , its name is the Qur’an.
Messenger = rasul
Path = jalan
Revelation = wahyu
Original = asli
Prophet  = nabi
Guidance = petunjuk
To mention = menyebut
Race = suku bangsa
1.     Besides sending the prophets and the messengers, what did God send ?
2.     To whom  were the books sent ?      
3.     What does revelation mean?     
4.     How many books were mentioned in the Qur’an ?
5.     To whom were the  above books sent ?
In some instances the expression : which is/are/ was/were are omitted;
1.     Books of guidence (which were sent by Allah are also called Books of revelation.
2.     There are four books (which are) mentioned in the Qur’an.
3.     a.The original boks  were eighther lost or changed.
b.The original boks given to the prophets
       =  The original boks given to the prophets were eighther lost or changed..
HOME WORK : Joint each pair of sentences below into one by omitting the which is/are/was were construction (look at  no 3 above)
1.These books rere given to Ahmad – These are valuable books
1.     The article is very interesting – It was published in magazine.
2.     The building is very modern – It was build a year ago.
3.     The laboratory is not useful any more – it was damaged by the accident.
4.     The car is going to Jakarta – It was driven by my brother.

MATERI      9        : THE ANGELS

Allah has created everything whether phisical or spiritual beings. The angels are spiritual beings created by Allah. The angels are the creation of Allah , they are not His partners. They are His servents created from light.
Because the angels are spiritual beings, they are invisible. The angels always obey the commands of Allah and carry out His orders. There are different angels who are engaeged in different duties. Some are enged in keeping records of all our actions; some others brought the message of God to the prophet Muhammad. The famous angels constantly occupied in carrying Allah’s order are Gabriel, Izrail, Israfil and Mikael (Michael).Belief in Angels is one of the pillars of Islam faith. We have to believe in the angels and it is a part of our belief  as Muslims. The prophet Muhammad was given the power to see and talk with the angel Gabriel.
Partner = sekutu, pasangan.
To carry out  = melaksanakan
Records = catatan
Invisible = gaib
Servant = hamba / abdi
Duty = kewajiban
Pillar = tiang
Obey = taat
Spirit = ruh
To engage  = bertugas.
1.     What has Allah created ?
2.     Why are angels invisible ?     
3.     What are angels created from ? 
4.     What does the angel Gabriel do ?
5.     Mention the names of the angels !
Sentence pattern :
Examples :
1.     The prophet showed us how to obey Allah
2.     The prophet taught us how to worship Allah
3.     The prophet told us how to serve God.
              Preposition : a word used with noun , pronoun, gerund to link with other words.
2.     One of the articles of faith
3.     It depends on us  to choose
4.     Belief in life after death.
MATERI      10             : DIVINE TAX (sepuluh)
Zakat is one of the five pillars of islam, its aim is to meet the social needs of the muslim society and to improve the economic position in Islam.The word Zakat means purification, blessing and increasing, It is a kind of protection of the wealth of those who are rich. When a muslim pays his zakat he is protecting his money unexpected disaster, for the prophet said, “Protect your property by giving zakat and help your relatives to recover from their illness by giving charity.”Zakat is an obligatory payment, like a tax, and the English translation is poor dues. It could be called a divine tax, for it has been prescribed by God in the Holly Qur’an says in many places,” keep up regular prayer and give zakat “and one of the saying of the prophet when Muaz was sent to Yemen was,” You will come to folk who are people of the book, so invite them to testify that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is God “s messenger. If they obey that, tell them  that God has made it to obligatory for them to pray five times every twenty four hours. If they obey that, tell them that God has made it obligatory for them for sadaqa to be taken from the rich and handed over to the poor. If they obey that, do not take the best part of their property and have regard to the claim of him who is wronged,, for there is no veil between it and God.
Derma,kemurahan hati
To testify
Memberikan kesaksian
Tabir, tutup, kerudung
-What is the aim of collecting zakat?
-What does the word zakat mean?
-What did God say about this zakat ?

-         Zakat is an….. payment for those whose property has reached its nisab..
The order of zakat has been …. In the Holy Qur’an
·        Grammar in focus
A. al (suffix) ;adjective
-The aim of zakat is to meet the social needs of muslim society.
Other words ending with al:
Economical, national, practical, textual, habitual, official, financial, commercial, professional, factual, actual, educational, etc.
There are some words ending –al as nouns:
Refusal, denial, proposal, arousal etc.
B-ion (suffix) :Noun
.-Zakat is a kind of protection of the wealth of those who are rich.
-The prescription  of zakat was written in the  Qur’an.
-The collection of zakat serves members of society and helps them  to overcome difficulties.
The other –ion nouns:
Creation,evaluation,conception,pollution,resolution, attention,conversation, education, mission etc.
C  ity (Suffix) :Noun
-The aim of zakat is to meet the social needs of muslim society
-Zakat aims to overcome the difficulty because they have no ability to work.
-The head of community is responsible for collecting zakat.
Other –ity Noun.
Security, faculty, loyalty, electricity, university.
. Change the form of the word underlined if necessary
1.     1.There will be a ……. (form)  exam after the course.
2.     2.The English …….. (translate) of zakat is poor dues.
3. Zakat is a kind of ……… (purify) of empty and obscene words.
4.It is usual given for the food of the …… (major)
5.The …….(collect)  of zakat is one of his …… (responsible

MATERI    11               : PILGIMAGE  (sebelas)

Pilgrimage to mecca is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is obligatory for every able muslim to visit Mecca once in his lifetime for pilgrimage because the Holly Qur’an says: “Pilgrimage is a duty man owes to Got. Those who can offer journey…”The prophet also said: “Islam is built upon five pillars. First there is no other God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger. Second, to observed the five daily prayers. Third to give zakat, the divine tax. Fourth to fast during the month of Ramadan and fifth to perform the pilgrimage to the holly House of God in Mecca for those who are able to offer the journey?
Hajj in Islam means visiting the sacred Mosque in Mecca during certain dates in muslim year, which are called:” the month of Hajj.” These months are Shawwal, Zul-Qo’dah and Zul-Hijja. The pilgrimage  to Mecca can only be accepted at these times and the condition of performing  Hajj cannot be accepted before these months, for the holy Quran says: “ The Hajj is performed in certain  months.

To owe
Berhutang, memberikan
Suci keramat
To dispense with
Meninggalkan, melepaskan,mematuhi
Tata cara keagamaan
Sarat, keadaan
To descend
Turun, menuruni
-How many pillars are there in Islam?
-How many times should a muslim perform the pilgrimage?
-What does God say about pilgrimage?
-         This fifth pillar of Islam should only be performed at ….times..
-      To promote tourism the government of Indonesia has decides next year will be  the year will be the year of ….. Indonesia.
-Prayer is one of  our …….. as a Muslim.
·        Grammar in focus
-Islam is built upon five pillars.
-         Hajj in Islam means visiting the sacred Mosque in Mecca during certain dates in the muslim year which is called “ the month of Hajj” (Zul-Hijja).
-         The pilgrimage to Mecca can only be accepted at these times
3.     1.The student writes a letter every week.
4.     2.He gave me a book last month.
3. Ali can drive his new car at 100 Kms an hour
4.He should finish the work before noon.
Your exellence muslim leaders
The gentlemen of Civil and Military government functionaries,
Special guest Mr KH Abdul  Wahid Umar that we are awaiting for his advice and speech,
Ladies, gentlemen and the exellence guests,
Firstly , Let’s thank to Alloh SWT by saying Alhamdulillah, Alloh that gives thousands privilleges to us so we can come to this plece in a good condition without missing anything.
Secondly Mercy and Peace from Alloh wish be always given to our great prophet that is deligated to this universe. Wishing we are recognized as his followers and get his help in the judgment day. Amien.
Well, ladies and gentlemen,
Here I am as delegation of the committee of this recitation, want to say welcome for all- Markhaban ahlan wasyahlan bikhudhurikum.
I wish my presence and you are all noted by Alloh SWT as a reward that brings a blessing and benefit in our life in the world and here after. Then on behalf of the committee, I would like to express our thanks to all contributors that give the contribution to make this ceremony succeeded, the contribution in donation, energy and idea, expecially to the young generation and the teenagers that are united for this recitation. We cannot give anything but only a pray – Jazakumulloh akhsanal jazaa Jazaa jazila.
Wish Alloh SWT reply your kindness better, amin Ya robbal alamin

Kepada Alim Ulama yang senantiasa kami muliakan
Para pejabat sipil dan militer.
Wabil khusus kepada Bapak  KH Abdul Wakhid Umar yang kita nantikan mauidhoh dan fawanya
Para bapak ,ibu Saudara hadirin yang dimuliakan Alloh
Pertama tama marilah kita panjatkan puji syukur ke hadirat Alloh dengan ucapan alhamdulillah, yang telah menganugerahkan beribu kenikmatan kepada Kita, sehingga kita dapat hadir di tempat ini dalam keadaan sehat tanpa kekurangan sesuatu apapun.
Selanjutnya sholawat serta salam semoga senantiasa tercurahkan kepada Junjungankita Nabi Muhammad SAW , Nambi yang diutus untuk seru sekalian alam, dengan harapan kita semua diakui menjadi umatnya dan mendapat syafaatnya besok pada hari kiamat. Amin
Para hadirin rokhimakumulloh
Di sini saya selaku wakil Panitia Pengajian Umum, yang pertama mengucapkan selamat datang-ahlan wasahlan bikhudhurikum.
Semoga kehadiran saya dan hadirin sekalian dicatat sebagai amal sholikh, yang membawa berkah dan manfaat bagi kehidupan di dunia dan akhirat.
Saya atas nama panitia menghhaturkan terimakasih kepada semua pihak yang telah memberikan bantuan demi suksesnya acara pengajian ini, baik berupa dana pikiran dan tenaga, khususnya kepada generasi muda dan remaja yang telah kompak dan rukun guna lancanya pengajian ini. Dari Panitia tidak bisa membirkan balasan apa apa hanya menghaturkan doa jazkumulloh akhsanal jaza jazaan jazila.
Semoga Alloh membalas kebaiokan anda semua dengan balasan yang lebih agung. Amin Ya robbal alamin.

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